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Xpert Claim's was born in 2004 of a need for a Real-Time Online Web-based Claims Management System, that several experienced property adjusters identified while they were handling fifteen thousand plus (15000+) claims. At the time there was no sharing of information between all the various software systems and utilities available in the claims systems marketplace. Having to manually input or manipulate all of the claim information that was needed was a tremendously slow process-very time consuming! It was readily apparent that a better system would have to be invented to empower Carriers, Independent Adjusting Firms, and Field Adjusters to utilize a centralized Claims Management System with ease of use while maintaining integrity, security, scalability, and deliverance. A global team with varying expertise came together to deliver Xpert Claim's.

Insurance Division
The insurance division of Xpert Claim's is comprised of individuals with a wide background in all aspects of the insurance industry. Xpert Claim's drew heavily on the experience of those individuals that have a collective adjusting experience of more than 120 years. Furthermore, the many years of underwriting and risk management experience available to the development team was a silver lining that gave Xpert Claim's an understanding that sets them apart from the competition.

Marketing Division
To coin an idea is a difficult thing to do, but when the forces of proper research and development are behind a product the only thing remaining for that product to be a market leader is its marketing division. Unlike the market trend, Xpert Claim's marketing is not comprised of just “sales associates” but when you hear from our marketing division, you can be assured that it is an adjuster and/or a technical whiz on the other side understanding and answering to all of your company’s needs.

Development Division
Xpert Claim's is a development of Cybernex (private) Limited. Cybernex (private) Limited programmers have extensive experience in the development of specialty software with several programs developed specifically for the insurance industry. Cybernex (private) Limited has developed software for insurance web based First Notice of Loss, Glass Claim administration, Independent Adjuster management, Desk File Review services, as well as Agency and Carrier customer web based program enrollment services. Cybernex (private) Limited also has software that is used by Third Party Administrators.
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September 15, 2009
XpertClaims has launched its new website.

September 15, 2009
XpertClaims is about to launch an important security update this week.